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Refractory works, insulation and construction of chimneys

The TERMOSTAV-MRÁZ s.r.o. Company, as the leader in the field of refractory works, construction of chimneys, and provision of heat insulation, has been offering you services since 1962. Our company operates on the domestic market in the field of refractory lining, insulation, construction and repairs of chimneys and other construction works. The company performs the construction works in all industry branches. We employ sufficient number of professionals and qualified experts. The company owns well-proven technologies and equipment, applies and implements conventional and new materials from both national and foreign suppliers.

Current success entitles us to look into our future with hope for further development of the Company thanks to our long-time customers, investors, and business partners. Employ our services and join the group of our satisfied business partners.


The Company is a holder of the certificate pursuant to the standard OHSAS 18001 and STN EN ISO 14001.

Certificate ISO 9001 Certificate ISO 14001 Certificate ISO 18001

Refractory works

Blast furnaces, equipments and aggregates, in which a large amount of energy is consumed by combustion of noble fuels, include a very important component, the refractory lining, which is highly demanding in terms of accuracy and resistance. Our Company, the TERMOSTAV-MRÁZ s.r.o., provides the activities in the field of refractory works for metallurgy, mechanical engineering, glass industry, or power engineering in the top quality and high workmanship.


The basic insulation principle is to protect from the heat/cold/water/fire leakage. In our Company, the TERMOSTAV-MRÁZ s.r.o., we carry out insulation works of various types, including heat insulation, cooling insulation, roof insulation, insulation against subsoil water and power water, ecological insulation, acoustic insulation, insulation of external cladding, so-called heat cladding - the activities our Company is able to provide.

Chimney construction

Flue gas exhaust – the environmental protection – within the industrial production is ensured by chimneys. In our Company we carry out construction of high industrial chimneys, as well as reconstruction, expert inspections and opinions, or simple and complex chimney repairs. In cooperation with our Refractory Works Department we also carry out construction, reconstruction, or repairs of chimneys for exhaust of high-temperature combustion products.